Our profession is our passion,


which is dedicated to producing quality wines in harmony with the environment.

Our family winery, Zehe-Clauß, is located southwest of the Rhineland-Palatinate state capital of Mainz on the outskirts of Mainz-Hechtsheim.  Founded by Maria and Hans-Peter Zehe, the winery and its tradition for making quality wines was entrusted to the next generation in 2010.
We, Birgit Zehe-Clauß & Marcus Clauß, are continuing our families’ shared tradition and passion of producing quality wines on our parents' estate.


Weingut Zehe-Clauß

















Birgit Zehe Clauß und Marcus ClaußMarcus Clauß:

" I was born and raised on a wine estate in the Swabian Esslingen at the river Neckar.  I met my wife, Birgit, during my studies in Geisenheim.  Because of her I came to the ‘Land of 1000 Hills’, the Rheinhessen – renowned throughout the world for its distinctive wines. I was a consultant for quality projects at the wine institute in Oppenheim until 2009.  Currently, as a wine taster, I participate in national and international wine competitions, which allows me to continually train and refine my taste for wine."


Birgit Zehe-Clauß:Birgit Zehe

"I grew up in the winery and vineyards of my parents where my passion for wine started and inspired me to obtain my degree as a Master Winegrower. As the Rheinhessen wine queen (1996/97), I promoted the regional vineyards of the Rheinhessen; later as the German Wine Princess (1997/98), I introduced and promoted German wines abroad.  In 1999 I won the Junior Award of the DLG."


As a team...

... our aim is to create special wines that are expressive and full of character.  As a result of our passion and dedication, we have received numerous national and international honors and awards for our wines.













The Vineyards


Geographically, our vineyards are located southwest of the city Mainz in the Rheinhessen region, Germany’s largest wine-growing region.

The vines - in traditional vineyards - are rooted in deep Loesslehm soils.  Together with the limestone in the subsurface, this guarantees a good supply of minerals.

Our vineyards are carefully managed to be sustainable and in harmony with nature.  Thus quality emerges naturally on the vine and we are able to produce ripe, flavorful grapes. This is the basis for our sophisticated wines.





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