Our approach in the cultivation of our wine grapes is designed to bring the authentic, flavorful diversity of our fully ripened grapes to you in your wine glass.


Our philosophy is:
"To produce wines with care for nature, while preserving the authentic influence of the grapes’ origin, infusing them with the signature of the winemaker, and a passion for enjoyment."
The ripened white wine grapes are pressed gently.  The clear juice is fermented in stainless steel tanks and cooled slowly.  Thus, the fruity flavors of the different varietals come fully to fruition.

The red grapes are fermented in their skins, which is the traditional style.  That gives them the true warmth and fullness for which they are known.
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Estate Wines ZC – fresh & fruity


Our estate wines are our standard – fresh and fruity.  The wines are faithful representations of the varieties and reveal their clear patterns in the glass.  The fine, full-bodied red wines stand for pure joy.

The uncomplicated, fresh estate wines are elegant dinner companions or delightful for everyday enjoyment.


grauburgunder riesling classic

White Wines

- Dry Silvaner

- Dry Riesling

- Dry Gray Burgundy

- White Burgundy Classic

- Riesling Classic

- Bacchus Kabinett

- Huxelrebe Spätlese

fresh, delicately spicey – liter bottles

lighter, fruity Riesling

delicately fruity, long lasting versatile

fresh, harmonious, fine aromas

elegant, half-dry

mellow, beautiful grape flavors

intense aroma, long lasting, fine sweetness


Blanc de Noir & White Autumn Wines


- Blanc de Noir trocken

- Portugieser Weißherbst halbtrocken

The white with the red soul

Fresh summer wine


Red Wines


- Portugieser Red Wine

- Dry Dornfelder

- Dry Dunkelfelder

- Mellow Dornfelder

Rich, full-bodied, velvety

Powerful, full-bodied

Distinctive, compliments food

Full-bodied, harmonious, mellow





Edition MC – powerfull & expressive

Our upscale wines, Edition MC, are expressive, dense and diverse.  These wines carry the signature of the vintner, Marcus Clauss, and as a result of his inspiration, these wines take on an identity of their own.  The Edition MC wines are only produced in small quantities because they are carefully hand crafted from a limited supply of specially grown grapes.

The top among our Riesling white wines is our First Clauss.  Following the motto, "in the silence is the power", in this wine very much attention is paid to the profound qualities of stillness and peace – enjoy this delicate wine and feel the calmness it brings.First Clauß

It is from our best Riesling reserve with a small yield, which is late harvested and cold fermented for weeks until August.  It is a deep and powerful wine, which reflects the character of our vines from which it originates.

The Pinot Noir and Poesie (Poetry) mature over several months in small oak barrels.  The red wines are bottled in September.  Poetry is a powerful, full-bodied red wine, made from the dark red and Portuguese grapes.  The dark red grapes create a rich and powerful taste, and the Portuguese grapes give it a velvety finish.

White Wines

MC Rotwein

Red Wines


- Dry Rivaner

- Dry Riesling

- Dry White Burgundy

- Dry Sauvignon blanc

- Dry Muskatel

- Dry Gray Burgundy
"Aged in Oak"

- 2009 Pinot Noir "Aged in Oak"

- 2007 Poetry "Aged in Oak"

- Dry Rosé

Premium Wine

- First Clauß
Dry Riesling







Sparkling and Frizzante


Our Sparklings and dry Frizzante offer a tingly pleasure, suitable for festive occasions or everyday refreshment.
Our Silvaner Secco is fermented, as is, in a pressurized tank.  Thus it gets a fine sparkle paired with delicate fruit flavors.  We are now offering a new Rosé Secco, with berry flavors and a light, sparkling freshness.
Our high-quality sparkling wines are precisely made according to the Champenoise method of fermentation in the bottle, producing delicately effervescent bubbles that dance on the tongue.  Only after being fermented for one year are they gently shaken by hand and separated from the yeast.


Sekt und Secco

Perlwein Frizzante

- Silvaner Secco

- Rosé Secco

delicate fruit aromas reminiscent of pear
salmon-colored, summer pleasure with fine berry flavors


Sekt Sparkling

- Dry Riesling Sekt  
- Blanc extra dry     
- Pinot brut                    

fresh and fruity sparkling wine
strong, fine bubbles, fresh
elegant, creamy gray and burgundy type of pinot noir blanc de noir with a fine sparkle
















Sweet Wines – opulent Wines


Our noble sweet wines complete our assortment.
These high-quality wines ripen only under ideal weather conditions and are not available every year.  That is why these wines are so unique.
The sweet wines are made exclusively from the Huxelrebe vine.  These wines are only made from the finest grapes, carefully selected from the harvest.  At first sip, the tongue is enveloped by the fruity intensity, yet the intense, exotic fruit flavors linger on the tongue for lasting pleasure.
They are laudable full-bodied sweet wines.















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